Back to School

During the two-month summer break at the Farmhouse School, all I could think about was walking to the front of the classroom and hearing the students say, “Good Morning Teacher! Thank you, Teacher!” Every time I do, I can’t help but smile.

On the first day, I was so happy to see all their familiar, beautiful smiles (and a few new smiles)! We made nametags, teaching the children to write their names in English. The nametags will also help us learn their names. They took turns sharing their names and something about themselves. The children loved to tell about themselves and have the entire class listen.

While I enjoyed teaching and working with the children of this school last semester, it is a different experience now with what God has done in my heart. Over the break, I spent more time ministering in the community and can now better understand the hopelessness and hurt in this village. My passion to make a difference in the lives of the children is greater than before. I am most passionate about sharing the love, joy, hope and eternal life that are found only in God. These children are so bright and have unlimited potential; I know deep in my heart that they will change their community.


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