Land Progress

Over the last year and a half, we have been prepping our land in order to build family-style homes for the children. We have our own water source that we filter and pump to all the buildings. Soon, we will have enough electricity to power everything up. We have built a multipurpose building that has a music room, a sewing room, a classroom, storage, and an open room that we can use for various activities. We have also built a bathroom near our playground, a home where our boys are currently living, and have set up one of the original buildings as a home for some of our staff and girls.

Now, we are just about ready for the biggest project yet. We will begin the process of building family-style houses for our children. We have the layout of where the houses will go, the blueprints for the first house, the right contractor for the job, and enough donated funds to build three houses. There are still a few loose ends to be tied up, but we are hoping to break ground within the next few weeks and possibly have the home ready by the end of the year. Please pray that God would lead us every step of the way and that His will would be accomplished in all that we do here.

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