Empowerment through English

Being able to speak English in Thailand is a ticket to a success.  Those who speak English fluently can get a higher paying job and have better quality of life. Since the majority is not financially well off, they are not able to afford a teacher or tutor who can teach them proper English.  Here at Life Impact, we are teaching our staff and children that want to learn English so that they will be empowered and have hope for a better future!

Currently, I teach anywhere from two to four classes a day, with about 2-5 students in each class, ranging from young to old. English classes are also breaking down the language barrier we face. Life Impact is located in a border town where there are three different languages spoken: Thai, Burmese, and Karen. With so many languages, it is challenging for the missionaries to communicate with the staff and children. Through teaching the native staff and children English, it will help to bridge the communication gap and eventually help the staff and children to communicate with each other as well.

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