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Give hope and healing!

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Every day, Life Impact is impacting hundreds of vulnerable children’s lives on the Thai/Burma border, but we can’t do it alone! Your support enables us to continue changing the lives of these little ones.

Below is a list of our current, pressing needs and projects that you can be a part of today! We can’t do it without you!

2789945e-5ea7-4a76-bfa8-ba7c945f5eca“Christmas in their Hands, Heaven in their Hearts”
This Christmas you can give a child his or her very first toy and care pack!

1 Child = $7
10 Children = $70
50 Children = $350
100 Children = $700
1,000 Children = $7,000

Click to Give a Christmas Gift!


a9810392-073a-4d26-8a9c-8442d47a9bacChristmas for Rescued & Orphaned Kids

Make Christmas unforgettable for the 120 rescued Life Impact children! Your donation will provide the children with a special Christmas service, dinner, and a present!


1 Child = $30
5 Children = $150
10 Children = $300
120 Children = $3,600

Click to Give a Christmas Gift!



Library for the Children

– Construction = $900 DONATED!
– Books = $200
– Bookshelves = $300
– Chairs and bean bags = $200
– Tables = $400 DONATED!

= $2,000  $700 total



Soccer field for the boys

– Soccer goals
– Lights
– Chain link fence
– Field grass

= $15,000 total


f5f7c5ad-bc22-4404-b9b1-178e0934d0bdChurch & Outreach Supplies

– Projector = $1,000
– White screen for worship and Jesus film = $100
– Youth Worship Team musical equipment:
* Electric Guitar = $200
* Bass Guitar = $260
* Amplifier = $170


7b18a17f-e962-4896-a525-5c1e72d9629aFinish a Family-Style Safe Home
It’s being built right now and we need funds to complete it! = $15,000

Stable Electricity for the Land
(150 AMP power box) = $30,000

4WD vehicle for war-zone, mountain outreaches, and rescue cases in the villages = $45,000


196bb7bb-322b-4b0b-9c1c-6c5eb73b03af30 Acres next to our land for Rescue Transitional Home Facilities as well as vocational training center for the children’s futures! = $300,000






It takes us all doing our part to end child exploitation on the earth!

Thank you with all our hearts!

– Lana Vasquez & Your LIfe Impact International Team


Protecting The Innocent

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9cb17bcc-e43a-4d45-9f92-267c3d08bd649e516756-ab89-4acb-81ac-1c0f73c749dbEvery day the Life Impact Prevention Team is in the at-risk villages, slums, highways, and byways. They have a mandate to prevent innocent children from falling prey to vulnerable situations!

Life Impact Prevention Projects support schools for migrant children, shelter homes, and at-risk families monthly! Following is just one example of the many projects where you have prevented children from exploitation.

Kilo 20

86743ba3-d501-4973-93a1-a7036df86d10“Where are all the children over 12 years old?”
Well, once they are old enough to work, they can’t go to school anymore. They have to work to support their family. If the children don’t work, they don’t eat.

“Every child in this village?”
Yes, every child. In the beautiful, green, lush mountains away from our border town, there is a poor farmers village with no electricity or running water. The children go to work at age 12 and this puts the majority of them at risk.

One thing we know on the border is this: Poverty + Desperation + Children + No Education = Exploitation

We found Kilo 20, a tucked away village, just in time! Seeing the urgency of the situation and knowing what happens to children whose parents are in desperate situations like this, we decided to act!

16282afa-c863-46cb-88ec-e66b008b535d          30b65eba-97a3-424b-91ac-6c1eef28dd5b

Kilo 20 is now on our prevention radar. Life Impact supports a school, feeds the children, and sends a prevention team each week for the precious faces in the village! This is one less pool for the traffickers to prey on!

You can be part of preventing child exploitation!
CLICK HERE to help us continue protecting these precious children!

Click the video above for a look inside Life Impact’s House of Hope for street kids.

In addition to 120 rescued and orphaned children in Life Impact’s Safe Homes, we also have hundreds of children in our prevention projects that we provide for, feed, and check on weekly! We are just as committed to PREVENTING child exploitation as we are to rescuing children from exploitation! Your faithful support not only goes to the aftercare of innocent victims, but it also goes towards the prevention of the next child victim!

Together we are truly PREVENTING, RESCUING, and HEALING children from exploitation!



Lana Vasquez & Your Life Impact International Team