At 5 Years Old, He Was Already Desensitized to Pain

Our Rescue Team at Life Impact relentlessly searches for children who need to be rescued. Abuse, abandonment and extreme poverty indicate that a child is at high risk for becoming a victim of human trafficking. They are experts at knowing when to intervene. For this little boy, they were right on time.

We got a call about a malnourished, mistreated 5 year-old little boy, abandoned and left with his 60-year old grandma that couldn’t take care of him. Upon closer examination, we discovered that the little boy had a B.B. pellet from a toy gun lodged in his ear. When asked if it hurt, the shy, scared-looking boy shook his head no. When they took out the deeply lodged B.B. pellet from inside his ear, he didn’t even cry. This tells us that he has been desensitized to pain and that there is more to the story.

He also had open wounds all over his hands and body. When asked about how the B.B. Pellet got lodged inside his ear, everyone said they didn’t know. We’ve seen these cases before and knew exactly what had happened. This little boy’s life had no value to his relatives, or his village and so they treated him accordingly.

But not anymore! This sweet, sweet boy will now have love, friends, a family and a place to call home!!!! A place where he won’t just be tolerated but he will be valued and loved!!!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring LOVE to every child that is not given love but so desperately needs it!

Pray for supernatural healing from the trauma of abuse and neglect for this little one and that he would fullfill God’s purpose for his life.

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