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At Life Impact International, our vision is to impact our world, one life at a time, with the love and power of Jesus Christ!

We display love through practical humanitarian aid services such as, but not limited to, children’s homes for children at risk, starting and supporting orphanages and hostels, feeding programs for the poor, relief and development works, and helping the hurting within the social context of the culture and country (i.e. the oppressed women and children of Pakistan, the refugees and displaced peoples along the Thailand/Burma border, and the oppressed people inside Burma). We believe that by demonstrating love, people will be open to the power of Jesus Christ, which is the second arm of the ministry.

The power of Jesus Christ is shown as we preach the Gospel and minister to all people through outreaches and evangelistic crusades, Bible camps and seminars, leadership training, discipleship efforts, planting and supporting local churches, and general church ministry.

Prevent. Rescue. Heal.

We prevent human trafficking by intervening in the lives of at-risk children and youth, displaced people, refugees, and orphans. We rescue children who have been sold into prostitution or child slavery, as well as those who are victims of abuse, abandonment, or extreme poverty. We heal the lives of orphans, soldiers, women, and men through outreaches, humanitarian aid, disaster relief and our family style safe homes.


For further information, you can visit our main website at lifeimpactintl.org