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Over the years, we have seen God’s faithfulness towards the vulnerable and destitute. We have seen Him father the fatherless and give hope to the hopeless! Through it all, He has used people like you to be His extended arms of love to these children and enable us to continue our efforts to prevent, rescue and heal! Below is a list of our current needs and on-going projects. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


school-supplies-three-2019School Supplies for 2020

With the start of each school year, comes the need for new school uniforms (including special shoes and socks), sports uniforms and fees, school project fees, books, school supplies and transportation to and from school. The current cost needed for each of our 58 children who are returning to school, is $48USD per child.  Your donation can help our children to start school off right!



Rescue Headquarters Therapy Room  Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.54.50 PM

We are nearing the end of construction on our new Rescue Headquarters. The first of it’s kind, this building was designed specifically for the Child Protection Committee, for the Kingdom of Thailand, our border and our region. Here officials will meet to determine the best interests for children trafficked on our border. As we are putting the finishing touches on this historic building, we still have a few rooms to finalize. Our Therapy Room is fully constructed but still needs a few final touches to prepare this place of healing for the precious children that will come through. 

When you give a one-time donation or make the decision to become a monthly partner, you will not only be helping us to complete our therapy room but helping to provide healing for each precious child who will come through! 




Teachers for Children with Special Needs

At this time, we have three of the most incredible children with special needs, you could ever hope to meet! They are such a joy to all who encounter them! And now, they need a little extra help. All three are currently attending the best available school here on our border – one that actually has a special needs program. Their school recently notified us that they feel it is necessary to bring in some additional teachers to help out because of the number of students they have attending. And with additional teachers, will come better-individualized care and attention for each of our children. This will help to give them the care and education they need… not just to survive, but to thrive!

You can help to provide for these additional teachers and ensure that our children receive the best education possible!

The monthly cost to help provide additional teachers is $70 USD ($23.34 per child).



promise-land-support-a-project-sewage-system-2019Promise Land: Septic Sewage System

Sometimes the most necessary items are the least glamorous.

When you give towards the new septic sewage system for the Promise Land, you will be providing a major and necessary upgrade for the staff and children! This new septic system will allow all houses and buildings at Life Impact to have all the gray water to run through a hospital grade septic system that will thoroughly clean the water. The system can clean the water all the way to a “wash water” level. This means that the water will be extremely clean. Previously we were running the water into septic tanks and then running it through the ground leach field. In the rainy season, this system was overrun and water would backup. This new system will allow us to run the grey water directly through this hospital-grade septic system, with no backup water and completely clean water coming out.




Life Impact Van

You can help meet transportation needs for Life Impact!

A new van would help tremendously! When you give towards the purchase of a new ministry van, you are enabling us to do more in the area of rescues, as well as facilitating staff for special trainings.



rescue-2019$470 Rescue Pack

One of the greatest gifts you can give is to help meet the immediate needs of a rescued child.

When you donate a RESCUE PACK for a newly rescued child, you are helping to make a world of difference in providing for and comforting them as they transition into a safe environment. Many of our children come from unimaginable situations where they have endured unthinkable violence and abuse. You can help to provide the urgent medical screening and care they need to put them on the path for healing and restoration. In addition to that, your donation goes to provide bedding (bed frame, mattress, pillow, sheets, and blankets), school supplies, clothing (including a school uniform), as well as a “Welcome Pack” (coloring book, crayons and a toy), a “Hygiene Pack” (body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, powder, a comb, and a towel), food for a month and the salary for their caretaker.

Total cost for one Rescue Pack = $470




Legalization & Start-Up of Life Impact Myanmar

Our team has been working tirelessly to legalize everything for Life Impact Myanmar so we can officially launch within this nation and continue the fight to END child trafficking in our generation! As we started the paperwork at the Myanmar Embassy, we were told that they were not familiar with what we needed done, because “It has never been done before…” The official launch and legalization of Life Impact Myanmar is not only the start of new things for Life Impact, but we are literally taking ground in a nation that has never done anything like this before! Becoming a legal government recognized organization means that we will be able to do substantially more to rescue children and give them a hope and a future! We will be able to officially open Life Impact family-style safe homes where abused, exploited and abandoned children will find a permanent family and forever home! And the heart behind this is so much bigger than just rescuing children. We truly believe that with each child we rescue, God will be able to take their lives and reach their nation… and ultimately, the world!

The process is quickly advancing and with that, so are the expenses to keep things moving forward. You can take part in this incredible next step for Life Impact by helping to support the legalization process. At this time, in order to move forward, we need to rent a small office and open our organization within Myanmar. In order to do that, we need to raise the necessary expenses – $4,150 USD.

When you give a one-time donation or make the decision to become a monthly partner, you will not only be impacting the immediate need for legalization but helping to pave the way for every child that will come to Life Impact Myanmar. We are believing to see countless children in the years to come, rescued and set free, by the power of God! And you can help go before them and prepare the way!