Our First Christmas in Brazil

This year, we held our very first "Christmas in their Hands, Heaven in their Hearts" outreaches in Brazil. Our team went into two of the darkest and most dangerous favelas in Rio bringing the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ! We saw precious children call on the name of Jesus, many for the very first … Continue reading Our First Christmas in Brazil

BRAZIL: Prevention and Our First Rescue

STARTING WITH PREVENTION Despite months of COVID lockdowns, the work in Brazil is going full steam ahead. God has done amazing things to clear the way for us to reach some of the world’s most at-risk and exploited children! And just as we have before, we are starting our work with PREVENTION.  https://vimeo.com/484451576 As we begin … Continue reading BRAZIL: Prevention and Our First Rescue

Where It All Began

After over 11 years, we have finally moved our remaining teenage girls to their family-style safe homes at the Girls' Promise Land.  It's a time for celebration, but also a time to look back and thank God for all that He has done.  https://vimeo.com/434668053 As we end this chapter, we can’t help but be in awe of the … Continue reading Where It All Began

Crying Out For America!

Over the past several months, we have watched from Thailand, as America has faced so many unimaginable circumstances. From the chaos of COVID-19 to the tragic murder of George Floyd, and the riots that followed, America has faced what seems like one hardship after another and has weighed heavily on our hearts. The weight we … Continue reading Crying Out For America!

Dreams Really Do Come True! 🎉🎓

Bella came to us and we knew from the moment she arrived, that this girl had big things in store for her! GOD SIZED DREAMSSeven years ago God placed a God sized dream in her heart and when it happened, she ran to me and said, “Mom, I had a dream! In my dream, I was on … Continue reading Dreams Really Do Come True! 🎉🎓

Hope for Brazil in the Midst of Crisis!

The Coronavirus situation has become an undeniable crisis for Brazil with the current confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeding the number in Italy! The healthcare system has collapsed and with death tolls surpassing 500 daily and over 16,000 nationwide, the nation has resorted to mass graves. We’re told that at this point, they are now deciding … Continue reading Hope for Brazil in the Midst of Crisis!


A situação na fronteira de Mianmar (Birmânia) está bem desesperadora e com a quarentena por causa do COVID-19, as coisas tem piorado diariamente. Agora há relatórios oficiais de uma morte causada pela COVID-19 na região. Supõe-se que esse indivíduo poderia estar conectado a um comércio local e as autoridades locais disseram que o comércio deverá … Continue reading PEDIDO DE ORACAO URGENTE PELAS CRINCAS DA HOH


Nós estamos encarando uma quarentena há mais de um mês, e tivemos menos de um dia para nos preparar, então não tínhamos a capacidade de armazenar comida suficiente para todos... Mas Deus já sabia da nossa necessidade. Mais tarde, em 1º de Abril, ficamos sabendo que o governo iria oficialmente estender a quarentena até o … Continue reading MAIS COMIDA DO QUE CABE NA DISPENSA!

Urgent Prayer Needed for HOH Children

The situation on the Myanmar (Burma) side of our border was already pretty desperate. And with the shutdown due to COVID-19 concerns, things have worsened seemingly daily. Now, there have been reports of an official COVID-19 related death. This individual could be linked to the local market and the local authorities have given word that … Continue reading Urgent Prayer Needed for HOH Children