It Seemed Like An Impossible Dream…

This year, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the purchase of our Promise Land and the fulfillment of our seemingly impossible God dream! Watch below to hear the powerful story of how God made our seemingly impossible dream a reality! The past 10 years have been nothing short of MIRACULOUS! We have seen … Continue reading It Seemed Like An Impossible Dream…

Where It All Began

After over 11 years, we have finally moved our remaining teenage girls to their family-style safe homes at the Girls' Promise Land.  It's a time for celebration, but also a time to look back and thank God for all that He has done. As we end this chapter, we can’t help but be in awe of the … Continue reading Where It All Began

Mae Noot’s Miracle!

It was a regular Saturday night. The only thing that set this Saturday apart from others was the celebration BBQ we had for all of our staff, missionaries, houseparents, and children. We had survived several months of lockdown due to COVID-19, things were finally opening back up and our kids were returning to school. We … Continue reading Mae Noot’s Miracle!

Dreams Really Do Come True! 🎉🎓

Bella came to us and we knew from the moment she arrived, that this girl had big things in store for her! GOD SIZED DREAMSSeven years ago God placed a God sized dream in her heart and when it happened, she ran to me and said, “Mom, I had a dream! In my dream, I was on … Continue reading Dreams Really Do Come True! 🎉🎓


Nós estamos encarando uma quarentena há mais de um mês, e tivemos menos de um dia para nos preparar, então não tínhamos a capacidade de armazenar comida suficiente para todos... Mas Deus já sabia da nossa necessidade. Mais tarde, em 1º de Abril, ficamos sabendo que o governo iria oficialmente estender a quarentena até o … Continue reading MAIS COMIDA DO QUE CABE NA DISPENSA!


Os mais vulneráveis, habitantes de lixões, estão enfrentando um mês inteiro de quarentena sem comida para as suas famílias ou até mesmo para o dia seguinte. Eles precisam de um milagre. Alguma coisa precisava ser feita! Chegou ao nosso conhecimento a informação de que existem pelo menos 150 famílias no nosso lixão local que estão … Continue reading OS MAIS VULNERÀVEIS RECEBERAM UM MILAGRE!

More Food Than We Could Store!

We were facing a month-long quarantine, given less than a day to prepare and we didn't have the capacity to store enough food for everyone... But God knew our need long before we did.   Late, on April 1st, we were told that that government would officially extend their lockdown until April 30th. With very … Continue reading More Food Than We Could Store!

The Most Vulnerable Received A Miracle!

The most vulnerable, living in the local garbage dump, were facing a month-long quarantine without enough food to feed their families even for the next day... They needed a miracle. Something Had to Be Done! We received word that there were at least 150 families in our local garbage dump who were in desperate need of … Continue reading The Most Vulnerable Received A Miracle!